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Archived Webinar: Vendor Bender - How to NOT Get the Wrong Device

This conference was presented on April 22, 2010. The presenters were Cindi Pichler, MS, CRC, ATP from Independence First, a CIL in Milwaukee, WI and Laura Plummer, MA, CRC, ATP from Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute. The slides will appear best using Internet Explorer.

  1. Transcript of the Vendor Bendor Webinar (Rich Text Format to Download)
  2. Audio of the Vendor Bender Webinar

People with disabilities can often benefit from using adaptive equipment to increase independence, but how do funding sources know if the equipment they are purchasing will meet the person's needs? Many equipment vendors are unregulated. What standards should they have to meet to be considered a good vendor? What about assessments? When relying on an outside source for an opinion, how can you tell if they did a good job? A consortium of Wisconsin agencies have developed Best Practices standards to help identify good resources for obtaining the right adaptive equipment.


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