Precision Rings for Thumbsticks ( Playstation/Xbox/Switch)

KontrolFreek Precision Rings™ are made from a unique material that adds resistance to your stock thumbstick 
(compatible with PlayStation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox One (XB) & Switch Pro)
They are highly elastic and antimicrobial, so you can use them again and again.
Try combining them with your favorite Performance Thumbsticks to max out your sensitivity
With Precision Rings, you get better control. Add Rings to your stock thumbsticks and the harder you push, the more the material will compact to cushion your stick, adding resistance
They are made from a flexible, moisture wicking material that has been used for comfort and shock absorption in heavy duty vehicles like tanks and aircraft.
The material is resistant to hand and finger oils, dampens sound and quickly recovers its original shape.
This gives you a long-lasting product that will quiet your controller and improve your aim. 

Precision Rings are available in three strengths: soft (Green), medium (Purple) and hard (Black).

The higher the strength, the higher the resistance and the more tension you will feel as you move your analog sticks. Not sure which level to choose? Schedule a Demo with us today!