Snow Roof Rake

Snow Roof Rake by Avalanche! Original 500 with Slide Material: Easy Heavy Snow Removal for Standard Asphalt Shingled Roofs to Prevent Ice Dams and Damage. 17 Inch Wide, 16 Feet Long, 1.5 Inch Wheels

-Gently push the pole up your roof and watch heavy snow slide down the blue snow slide with the help of gravity. It’s like a slip and slide for the snow.
-NO TOOLS REQUIRED- Snap together assembly is fast and efficient so that you can start removing snow from your roof right away. Easy to store and use year after year.
LIGHTWEIGHT SNOW ROOF RAKE REMOVES HEAVY SNOW FROM ROOF AND IS EASY TO USE: Avalanche! Snow Roof Rake Systems are lightweight at roughly 10 pounds, and are designed for anyone to use.
-PREVENTS ICE DAMS FROM FORMING AND PREVENTS DAMAGE TO ROOF AND HOME: Regular removal of snow from your roof after snow storms prevents ice dams from forming on the edge of your roof. It is recommended to clear the first 4-8 feet of your roof to prevent ice daming problems, preventing damage to your shingles and house.
-DESIGNED FOR STANDARD ASPHALT SHINGLED ROOFS: The Original 500 is designed with 1.5 inch wheels to gently and safely remove heavy snow from your roof while protecting your standard asphalt shingled roofs.

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