Ice Vulture Combo Pack

Vulture Systems offers a first of its kind long range (up to 1 mile), low-power monitoring system that will alert you immediately when you have a strike on your tip-up, tip down, or rattle reel when ice fishing. The versatility of the system also allows for monitoring other devices such as bank/shore fishing poles, traps, and other miscellaneous applications. It has unmatched two-way performance (up to 1 mile) to the handheld controller and impressive battery life. The sensors feature ultra-bright LED lights that can easily be seen a few hundred yards away. The alarm lights can be disabled to enable “stealth mode” so the rest of the lake is not seeing your alarm LEDs at night while you get your long range notifications. The sensors also feature a bright white LED to enable flashlight mode that can be left on all night long to mark your hole and enable to you find them at night. Flashlight mode to the sensor can be turned on/off from the handheld controller. 

Outdoor recreation