Kettle for Easy Pouring

Drive’s Uccello Kettle is a modernly stylish black and white kettle that assists those who have difficulty pouring. Designed with a stable base that holds the kettle in place, the black and white kettle can be tilted with one hand to safely pour. A built-in stainless steel heating element allows for safely warming directly on the base, without having to use a stove. 

Made with a larger opening, the adapted kettle is easy to clean, pour, and fill. A uniquely shaped ergonomic handle makes taking the kettle on and off the base to optionally pour or fill easy as well. The 1.5 liter kettle comes with a removable filter and water level indicator.
Product Benefits:
Safely heats on a built-in stainless steel heating element
Includes a removable anti-scale filter that is easy to clean
Can be taken off a removable non-slip base to fill and pour while holding
Features an ergonomic handle that makes pouring and holding safe and easy
Accommodates those with lack of mobility in the hands and fingers using a base that easily tilts to pour
The Uccello Kettle for Easy Pouring makes a great gift for any senior or person that needs assistance when pouring hot beverages. The Kettle Tipper holds the kettle in place and supports the kettle during the pour. This makes it possible to not have to lift the kettle for safety reasons. Those with arthritic hands, lack of strength, reduced sight abilities, and many more conditions, as well as loved ones, can have peace of mind by preventing burns or scalding with hot liquid for coffee, tea, or other hot beverages. 

Safety Features
There are a number of safety features built into the Uccello Kettle for Easy Pouring, which makes this kitchen gadget perfect for use by the elderly, those with vision problems, and those with limited mobility in the hands, fingers, and arms. The ergonomic handle makes gripping more stable. A large, open hinged lid provides safety when filling and pouring, and the non-slip base stays stationary. On the heating element, built-in safety technology automatically shuts the kettle off if is at risk of over-heating. A large power indicator light displays when the kettle’s power is on.

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Black-White Kettle for Easy Pouring

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