Leaf Taco Lawn and Leaf Funnel

Maximum Load Capacity: The large surface area allows for maximal use of each time you load the bag or can. Reduce the overall number of time needed to lift and empty leaves into the bag. The funnel allows you to complete the job with just a handful of lifts. The traditional method of collecting leaves in small piles, one hand on the rake one on the leaves just takes too long.
Collapsible for Storage: You want it spread wide when you load leaves but when its time to put it away you want it compact. This funnel does both. Once you are done simply twist to fold in a figure 8. Once collapsed you can use the strapping to secure it closed. When you are ready for the next use unclip and pop back open to load some more!
Durable and Strong: The tarpaulin material is light yet supports the heaviest of loads. Ideal for lifting without adding weight while enabling you to load without concern for its integrity. The material repels water for those leaves that gets soggy. The slick backing lets you unload with easy as the leaves/debris slide right into the bag.
Quick and Convenient: Every Fall the leaves drop and so does your amount of free time. Getting leaves up every year shouldn’t be a part time job. Take this task off your to-do list in much less time with this funnel. Load and bag in two quick movements. Cut down on the back and forth. Get it done and get back to enjoying your Fall!
Multipurpose: The Leaf Collector can be used all year long. Light brush, yard clippings can be collected in the funnel as well for quick and easy disposal.

Black Leaf Taco Lawn and Leaf Funnel

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