Nulaxy Folding Table XXL

Nulaxy Folding Table,XXL Large Size
26″x17.2″x12.2″ Laptop Desk for Bed with Storage Drawer and Book
Stand ,Sofa Table, Bed Table for Laptop,
Folding Desk Working, Writing, Gaming, Drawing(White Oak) :
Office Products

?XXL Large Multifunctional Desk?: With the size 26″(L)x17.2″(W)x12.2″(H), the laptop table can fit 11-17″ laptops while also leaving space for mouse, keyboard, coffee, etc. This laptop bed desk can be a desk for breakfast, a children’s studying table, a mini writing table, a standing desk for office work, a laptop couch table, picnic table, etc.
?Drawer, Bookshelf&Tablet Holder?: The bed table has an added groove for supporting tablet or phone, a bookshelf for reading, and a storage drawer for pens. User-friendly design can be able to meet your daily needs well, such as reading, studying, and watching TV.
?MDF Material?: Nulaxy laptop bed tray desk is made of Medium Density Fiberboard that features moisture resistance, scratch resistance and high temperature resistance. Besides, the aluminum alloy tube with powder coated finished makes the table leg stronger and more load-bearing.
?More Room to Stretch?: The height and curved design of this desk’s legs can leave more space for your legs to stretch. When you sit and use this table, your legs can be stretched at will. The desk can also be used as a standing desk for working to relax your back.
?Foldable Desk?: The foldable legs make this laptop desk easy to store and save space. You can easily take it from living room to bedroom or from your bed to floor or couch.

Category: Activities of Daily Living

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Tan-Silver Nulaxy Folding Table XXL

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