Dusker Sleepbar

Dusker Sleepbar helps by turning your pillow into a giant relaxing Bluetooth earphone. A Sleepbar works just like a normal pair of bluetooth headphones, it supports all the apps you already love, giving you a way to ditch the uncomfortable headphones and fall asleep where you lay.

Turn on your Sleepbar, connect it to the phone and slip it under your pillow to start listening. Customers can then hear their favorite sleep sounds while laying on their side. The Sleepbar uses a unique conduction technology that creates sound by vibrating the surfaces it touches, meaning it’s designed to pass clearly through your pillow. Each charge can last up to 14 days, and it’s couple-friendly, where the sounds can only be heard through the pillow of the listener.

Sleepbar can be set to turn off automatically after 30 minutes. Simply double-tap the power button to activate this mode. With headphones, it will stay powered on even after the users fall asleep, and this might cause them to be woken up by the sounds in the middle of the night and affect the sleep cycle. With the Sleepbar, users can be free to find their comfiest position.
In addition, the Sleep Bar does not cut out the surroundings’ sounds, ensuring the user can hear intruders or dangers in their home.

Long term earphones wearing in bed, or sleeping in earphones could cause damage to the hearing. With Sleepbar, it helps to provide a safer and healthier listening experience. Users will feel nothing apart from their pillow during usage.

Category: Environmental Controls, Miscellaneous, Personal Care

Vendor URL: https://dusker.com/

White Soni Sleep Bar

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