Writing Bird

IDEAL WRITING AID: The Writing-Bird is a comfortable adaptive writing tool that holds the pen or pencil for you to write or draw with minimal effort. Designed for limited hand and wrist coordination, dexterity, or a weak grasp.

INNOVATIVE FUNCTIONALITY: Functions much like a computer mouse with your hands and fingers resting gently on the pen-holding device to glide across writing surface. Larger arm to shoulder muscles guide the pen to minimize movement in the fingers and wrist for those with arthritic hands or limited finger mobility.

ERGONOMIC HAND POSITIONING: The shape conforms to your hand for comfort and to help steady it to regain, maintain, or improve handwriting. Eliminates the need for a tight thumb to fingertip pinch typically required to grip a pen. For most, the combined weight of the device (6 oz.) and hand is sufficient enough to move the Writing Bird Horizontally to write.

DESIGNED FOR FUNCTION AND APPEAL: Made of frosted acrylic for an attractive, inconspicuous accessory on the desk, while small and light enough for travel. Ambidextrous for right-handed or left-handed use. Indications of use may include muscle spasms, tension, hand-cramps, or joint pain in the hand or wrist.

PEN INCLUDED. Ballpoint pen included. Can be replaced with other narrow pens, pencils, or art tools fitting within the 3cm pen-hole diameter. The Writing Bird measures 5 ¾” long x 2 ½” wide x 1 ½” tall to accommodate most hands.

Category: Exercise Equipment and Recreation, Miscellaneous, Activities of Daily Living

Replacement Cost: $21.95

White Writing Bird

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