6 in 1 Multi Opener

[Ergonomic] Multi Opener Jar Opener, non-slip design protects your hands, Comfortable and labor-saving and works in a more efficient and convenient way.

[Efficient 6-In-1] The combination allows the bottle opener to be used in a wide variety of applications. Great for opening cans of various kitchen cans, beer, soda, sealed bags, etc. Whenever you need them.

[Daily use] Combining scientific leverage and strong bite force of Grippers, the multi lid openers can make varieties of lids remove smoothly with less force and reduce wrist pressure, which is specially designed for children teenager adults, seniors with arthritis or the elderly with low strength.

[Easy Storage and Clean] Compact and slim, easily put in your kitchen drawer or hang on hooks for quick access; Made of high-quality food grade PP and rubber, easy to clean and safe to put in the dishwasher.