Finger Stylus

Finger-Mounted Conductive Stylus EXTYLUS for Touch Screen Smartphone,Cell Phone,Tablets

 – This product can be worn on any finger, via an adjustable belt.

 – Precise operations near the target screen are possible while securing the field of vision, making this a powerful tool for various tasks where precision is demanded, such as gaming and drawing.

 – Thanks to its shape, which slightly extends from the tip of the finger, the stylus secures screen visibility while allowing for users to use the stylus as if it were their finger.

 – The tip of the pen features a special conductive fiber, and moves smoothly without the need to add pressure, as if users are touching the screen with their fingers.

 – The tip of the pen is expendable, and can be replaced (sold separately).

 – The main body, weighing 3 grams, is made from carbon, which is highly conductive. The removable strap is also 1 gram, and is extremely lightweight