Pampered Chef Jar Opener

Get a grip on stubborn lids!

The wide opening accommodates lids up to 3½”.

A soft-grip handle makes it comfortable and easy to use by hand; or mount it under a kitchen cabinet.

Use & Care

Handheld Use:

Hold handle with teeth facing down.
Place V of opener over top of jar.
Slide opener so jar lid fits snugly in V.
Teeth must touch sides of lid.
Holding jar steady with opposite hand, twist opener counter-clockwise to open.
Jar lid styles vary and some may not work with opener.

To Mount Under Cabinet:

Position opener in desired location.
Secure screws through opener into cabinet. Enclosed short screws are for mounting V end, long screw is for mounting handle.
Mounting recommended for cabinets with bottom thickness of ½ inch or greater.

Mounted Use:

Hold jar at base up to V in opener.
Slide jar so it is snug in V, and teeth are touching sides of lid.
Press jar lid upward and twist clockwise to open.
Wipe with a soft, damp cloth; towel dry immediately.
Metal teeth on blade may cause serious injury with improper use. Store Jar Opener safely and keep out of children’s reach.