Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Man posing for a photo with an iPad.

The is a website designed to facilitate transactions between residents of Michigan exchanging, donating, or selling used assistive technology (AT). Any used/open box device that assists a person with a disability to live more independently or safely (assistive technology) may be submitted.  Sellers create listings for a wide variety of used AT; wheelchair accessible vehicles, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, and electronic tablets are just a few examples.

Paul purchased a used iPad off of the site to use for classes this fall semester at Oakland County Community College. He shared that because of his disability, he has difficulty typing and writing by hand, but knew there were apps he could download onto the iPad and use to take notes for classes. Paul also shared that he couldn’t afford to buy a new iPad and was thankful to buy a more affordable used one off of the ATX.

To view items currently available on the ATX, visit the website and click on “items” near the top of the screen.  To purchase an item or get more information about it, create an account and contact the seller for that item.  To list an item on the ATX, create an account.  For questions about the site, use the contact information listed on the site to get in touch with us.