Getting Out

Sunday, February 3, 2019


Now that the severe frigid temperatures have lifted, people are beginning to venture out again.  But people with disabilities who use assistive devices don’t have the option or want to just stay inside all winter. Despite whether the ground-hog saw his shadow or not, we have more winter to come! And believe it or not, some people like winter!

Person in powerchair with snow plow attached to front

Get tips on Winter Sports and Your Assistive Technology in Winter through MATP’s archived webinars, and previous posts on this blog: Winter Weather Protection for your AT!

Skier with disability

And if you are feeling tired, hungry all the time and depressed, you might have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Getting natural light is really important to help with SAD, you can read more on our previous post The Nights are Longer and SAD is Here.

I hope you can get out and enjoy our winter wonderland, enjoy and stay safe!

Ice and snow covered trees