AT for My 8 Month Old

My daughter, Anneliese, is turning 8 months old next week. Her brother, Theo, turns one year and 11 months old today. Having two kids under two is exciting, enlivening, and life-changingly wonderful, and busy. Having both of our kids in our 40s after a long battle with infertility and losses, and having worked and lived…

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Barriers to the Ballot Box

By Laura Hall, MATP Staff Member When I arrived at my polling place this morning, like many voters, I was excited to take part in this important election.  I felt prepared because I had ensured I was registered to vote, found my polling place, researched the candidates and issues and filled out a sample personalized…

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Seeing the Beauty in Trying Something New

This story comes to us from Jenell Williams of Disability Network Oakland & Macomb: J. Thomas is very active in her community. She loves spending time with her family and friends. Most of all she loves her early mornings. In the morning she has her special routine where she fixes her breakfast and sits down…

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Tiny Words on Thin Pages

Mark smiling while holding up the book reader machine

A Demonstration and Short-Term Loan Story Mark served his community for years through his work as a substance abuse counselor, care worker for a residential facility, and mission work in a prison and drug rehabilitation center. His whole life he had been an avid reader of the bible. After losing a leg to diabetes as…

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Know Your Voting Rights

"Get Out the Vote" with the dynamic wheelchair accessibility symbol

  The Michigan Primary Elections are taking place on August 7th and today is the final day to register to vote!  Candidates for Governor, U.S. Congress, and state Senate and House members are among the important decisions on the ballot.  If you haven’t registered already, you can still do so through the Secretary of State’s…

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AT for Frozen Treats in the Summer Heat!

Up close picture of a waffle cone holding ice cream.

By Jen Mullins, BS, CTRS, MATP Staff The weather where I live in lower Michigan has been fairly hot lately (or at least, hotter than I would like!)  Frozen treats seem to help with cooling down, but sometimes aren’t the easiest to access. Typical ice cream scoops require a good amount of upper body strength,…

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Don’t Fail that Fall

by Aimee Sterk Did you know that one out of three adults age 65 and older fall each year? had such a great post about falls prevention, and safety, we wanted to share it here. Falls are the number one cause of fractures, hospital admissions for trauma, loss of independence and injury or deaths for…

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“Pawsatively” Helpful: AT for Dog Care

Round accessible power door button pasted over a smaller rectangular button

By Laura Hall, MATP Staff A few weeks ago, I attended a training that was more intense and grueling than any other training I’ve given or received, but the reward was life-changing.  For two weeks I attended “Team Training” through Canine Companions for Independence to receive my second service dog.  After working with many dogs…

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Memorial Day Post: The Larger Possibilities of AT

Memorial Day has been a time of taking stock since it was created. The holiday has the strength of being recreated every year in a form that reflects the personal histories and connections that veterans, their families, and their friends have with their lived experience, their social networks, and the larger society. It seemed reasonable…

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Using Amazon Echo in an Emergency

Amazon Echo Dot

By Jen Mullins, BS, CTRS, MATP Staff Earlier this year, I watched a very interesting video on the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation PATF’s facebook page.  The woman featured in the video is a wheelchair user and shared that she uses a shower chair while showering.  She said if there’s an emergency in the shower (such…

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