Lighted Magnifying Tweezers – 4.5x

Gray Lighted Magnifying Tweezers - 4.5x

MagniGrip LED Lighted Magnifying Tweezers – 4.5x Removing Splinters Has Never Been Easier4.5x LED lighted magnifierBuilt-in fine point tweezersMagnifier can be removed from tweezersIncludes protective tweezer guard and batteries The MagniGrip from Carson Optical is a compact 4.5x magnifier with attached fine-point tweezers and bright LED light. This magnifier/tweezers combo is perfect for all those…

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Bed caddie

Black Bed caddie

The bedcaddie is ideal for people who have any condition that makes sitting up in bed difficult.

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Color Mates

Multicolor Color Mates Tags

Identify your clothing with wonderful tags. Simply attach the identifiers and your ready to mix or match your wardrobe. 16 colors in all in different shapes. Black, White, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Brown, Grey, Peach, Cream, Navy, Mauve, Turquoise, Beige, and Orange. Machine washable. 160 tags in all.

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Freedom Wand

White-Green Freedom Wand

The Freedom Wand® is a sanitary, easy to use, multipurpose, portable, personal toilet tissue aid. It’s specifically designed for personal cleaning and hygiene for anyone with limited mobility. The four fingers easily grasp toilet tissue, a razor, loofah, or ointment applicator. The easy to use slide button releases tissue into the toilet with little effort.…

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