Snowball maker and thrower

Emsco Group 1051 ESP Snow Slinger Maker Arm Snowball Thrower

Snowball maker and thrower – make snowballs in seconds and launch them. This winter toy molds perfect spheres for maximum Snowball fun. This toy’s snowball-forming cup stays open and packs tight snowballs with its optimally shaped scooper, and the easy-to-use slinger has a hand grip that prevents palms from slipping.
Flexible handle – the long handle of the snow slinger is extremely flexible, allowing you to fling snowballs with ease and launch them incredible distances
No cold hands – this handy-dandy snow slinger prevents hands from getting cold. Its long handle ensures that you don’t need to touch the icy ground in order to mold snowballs.

25 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

Outdoor recreation