Equity Statement

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition is an organization founded on principles of equity and inclusion - keeping people with disabilities at the center of our advocacy. We actively acknowledge the history of disability organizing spaces and organizations’ exclusion of people of color and commit to holding that history accountable in moving disability work forward. As an organization committed to ending all forms of oppression, we know our work begins on the inside. Our organization has made a long term commitment to addressing the systemic impact of white supremacy on our people, policies and practices. We understand our liberation is interconnected; we cannot improve lives without removing the barriers around us. We also understand that this work takes time and changing our organization for good also means changing our sector along the way.

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition is committed to pursuing institutional work that transforms our communities for the better; a continuous practice of allowing our understanding of inclusion, disability justice, racial equity and anti-racism to evolve. We acknowledge change is a messy, but necessary, path in which there is no destination but rather a continuous progression.