A Fidgetarium of Possibility

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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One of my minor autistic traits is fidgeting. When I was a kid, I had to learn how to do hidden fidgeting, because people (especially adults) thought fidgeting meant I wasn’t paying attention, or I was acting weird. Actually, I needed to fidget to focus my attention, though I didn’t understand that at the time. I just knew I was “born to fidget”. I did things like silently tap my foot, tap my tongue around in my mouth, or by carefully hiding one hand to repeatedly touch my fingers with my thumb, in turn.

I do much less fidgeting now that I am older, but I still think it is an important tool that people use to manage their available attention and the brain resources to make it through life. I know a lot of people who use fidgeting this way, and who had to hide their fidgeting when they were young.

So, I found the successful marketing of “fidgets” (toys to make fidgeting more effective or entertaining) a few years ago very interesting, though I didn’t make it further than superficial glancing at the time. Recently, I wanted to buy a gift for my wife, who likes to fidget, especially with bubble wrap and “touch-me-nots”.

Fingers popping bubblewrap

Poppin’ The Bubbles

Touch-Me-Not Seed Pods on the plant

Pinchable Pods

So I looked on Amazon for the fidget toys I remembered when they were a fad.

Was I in for a surprise!

There are Kits of Fidget Toys for just about any occasion, for both kids and adults, and the sheer variety of individual toys is astounding!

The full search page for Amazon contains many additional choices. For us fidget fans, a true panoply of personal playthings!

Fidget Toys on Amazon

If you like to fidget, or wanted to fidget, but felt you would be stigmatized for doing so, the current environment of fidgeting possibilities is made for you.

Sample the devices and make (or remake) fidgeting a part of your personal play repertoire!