A Fidgetarium of Possibility

One of my minor autistic traits is fidgeting. When I was a kid, I had to learn how to do hidden fidgeting, because people (especially adults) thought fidgeting meant I wasn’t paying attention, or I was acting weird. Actually, I needed to fidget to focus my attention, though I didn’t understand that at the time.…

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AT to Help with Wearing a Mask!

[Image description: the featured image of this video is of Jen Mullins, a white woman who has her wavy, brown hair up in a ponytail.  Jen is smiling under a floral printed mask and is holding a silicone mask insert on the outside of her mask while holding up a thumbs up.  Note: the silicone…

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Telehealth: More Access to What We Need

Hold screen featuring the image of a doctor. Text: You are the next patient to see Rebecca Beach-Beyer, Family Physician.

By Jen Mullins, BS, CTRS, MATP Staff Earlier this year, I had an experience that I think many of us have had: I was home sick with a cold/virus/etc. and couldn’t get an appointment with my regular doctor (not that I really felt up to leaving my home to drive to the doctor & sit…

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