Caputron tDCS Device

Black-White Caputron tDCS Device

Selectable direct current stimulation output up to a maximum of 2 mA in steps of 0.1 mA. Adjust your brain stimulator to your needed level. Selectable transcranial direct current stimulation automatic timer up to 40 min in steps of 1 min. Full control over your tDCS session length. This brain stimulation device automatically ramps up…

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Livescribe Symphony

Black Live Scribe Symphony

Transcribes your notes in 27+ Languages. – Auto Sync notes to cloud – Stores up to 1200 A4 pages on pen before you need to sync. – 90 day standby battery life. How does it work? While using livescribe symphony pen on any livescribe notebook/paper, all of your handwritten notes/thoughts/ideas get a digital makeover using…

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