Dice Tower

Brown Dice Tower

This is the dice tower for on-the-go gaming! Or for anyone who is tired of rolling their dice for them to end up rolling off the table and into the abyss. Or for those who might have limited mobility and rolling/throwing dice may be painful. It beneficial for not just physical reasons but for cognitive…

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Tactile Dice – Black/White

Black-White Tactile Dice

Giant Tactile Dice- Black with White Dots- Set of 2 Replace the dice in your favorite board games with Giant Tactile Dice and make them accessible to the whole family. Large black dice with white dots are easier to see than standard-sized dice. Know the value rolled by touching the raised/tactile dots. Great for the…

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Extendable Card Holder – 3 Tier

Black Extendable Card Holder

Plastic playing card holders have two strong magnets inserted in each unit which allow you to assemble two or more units together. HANDS-FREE: Let the holders take over the playing cards while you stay focused on the game. CURVED DESIGN: Each unit has an curvy design to prevent others from seeing your cards in games.…

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