The Impact of the Michigan Assistive Technology Program

Last Updated on April 5th, 2024.

(Data from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.)

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Man sitting in wheelchair in front of computer screen

Jon Grant

Jon has been working with Kendra Boyden, our outpatient CTRS, on getting back to gaming. Jon had a motor vehicle accident which resulted in a high-level Spinal Cord Injury. Jon discussed the importance of getting back to gaming. He said, “For me it would be keeping my mind off of the injury. It’s now easy to game with friends online. It can be hard to meet up in person, so gaming allows me to still connect with those that I like to game with. I like to play Call of Duty or Escape from Tarkov with friends.” The benefits that he finds from gaming are the social aspect and the challenge for his mind while gaming. Jon has used the Xbox adaptive controller and Logitech adaptive gaming buttons in Rec Therapy. He has ordered the “quad stick” which is a sip and puff controller that individuals can use on a PC or counsel. Jon is looking forward to getting his sip and puff controller as it will give him more adaptability to games he enjoys playing and will give him independence in returning to gaming.

Man sitting in wheelchair in front of computer screen

AT Program Staff

White woman of size, smiling with long wavy dark brown hair. Dark rimmed glasses and black t-shirt in background of photo is brick background

Abby Squires

Gaming, Crafting, and Daily Living, AT Specialist
An image of a white woman with dark brown and gray curly short hair. The image is a selfie. She is sitting in her home office with a poster behind her that says "Do Justice'' she is wearing a black plaid vneck shirt.

Aimee Sterk, LMSW

Michigan Assistive Technology Program Co-Director
A woman with brown skin and long dark brown braids positioned with her hands crossed and smiling while standing in front of a brick wall. She is wearing black glasses and a black long sleeve blouse.

Ajaunè Thomas

Director of Leadership Programs
A white woman with long hair, stands with hands on her hips in front of a towering blue spruce tree. She is smiling.

Caitlin Hurban

Augmentative and Alternative Communication, AT Specialist
headshot of Erin, a white woman with chin length brown hair with blonde highlights. She is wearing a black shirt with a vibrant floral collar and vibrant floral sleeves. She is smiling directly at the camera.

Erin Shannon

Youth and Community Living, AT Specialist
Black and white headshot of Feliece Turner, a Black woman with short black hair in an afro style. Feliece is sitting on steps with a plant behind her. Feliece is facing the camera with one hand on her chin and is smiling. She is wearing a t-shirt, cardigan and silver hoop earrings

Feliece Turner

Disability Specialist
[Image description: Headshot of Janna Bitterle, a white woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. Janna is indoors with a blue and white wall behind her. She is looking directly at the camera, smiling. She is wearing a black sweater. End image description.] --

Janna Bitterle

Training and Virtual Outreach Coordinator
White woman smiling with hair in a messy bun, with a light blue shirt on, standing in front of a brick wall

Jileesa Irwin

Outdoor Recreation, AT Specialist

Kellie Blackwell, MA, CRC

Michigan Assistive Technology Program Co-Director
A person with pale ivory skin and dark blonde hair smiling while sitting in a power wheelchair. They are wearing a black blouse with a pattern of red roses.

Laura Hall, MSW

Program Director & Assistive Technology Specialist
Norman DeLisle, elderly white male, with short gray hair, wearing a blue checkered shirt with suspenders; slight smile. He is sitting in his computer office at home, with part of his home kitchen in the background.

Norman G. DeLisle Jr.

Policy Consultant & Mental Health and Recovery AT Specialist

Sarah Szwejda

Demonstration and Loan Administrator

Theresa Metzmaker

Executive Director