Peripad Wired Trackpad – 504

Black Peripad Wired Trackpad - 504

Multi-Touch Navigation: Touch gestures for Windows: Select an item, Scroll, Zoom in or out, Show more commands (like right-clicking) Large Tracking Surface: Dimensions of the touchpad: 12 x 9 x 1.9 cm (4.7” x 3.5” x 0.7”) with a large touchpad area of 5.9 x 4.5 cm (4.1” x 2.1”) Supports High Precision Settings: Precise…

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Peripad Wired Trackpad – 501

Black Peripad Wired Trackpad - 501

Easy to Use: 2 Buttons external touch pad with a plug and play feature; No driver needed Multi-touch Gestures: with 7 features such as one finger slide, one finger touch, 2 finger tap, double click, tag and drop, vertical scroll, and zoom in/out Durable USB Cable: Wired touch pad with 5 foot and 3 inches…

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Mousetrapper Ergonomic Mouse Advance 2.0

Black Mousetrapper Ergonomic Mouse Advance 2.0

Advance 2.0 relieves and prevents repetitive strain injuries and other problems that can occur when you use a conventional mouse. A total of six programmable buttons give you plenty of options for setting up your Mousetrapper exactly the way you want. Download our app, which lets you easily reconfigure all the button functions, create user…

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Mini Retractable Cable Mice (2)

Black Mini Retractable Cable Mice (2)

ULTRA COMPACT DESIGN: The mini computer mice measure 3 x 1.57 x 0.98 inches. Occupies a small space, very suitable for tight space. (Note: The mouse is not a noiseless mouse) 3 BUTTONS: Left Button, Right Button, and Scroll Wheel. Flexible and smooth, precise tracking and easy text selection. 4 colors available, meet different needs…

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Multicolor KinderBoard

KinderBoard is a plug-and-play USB keyboard for Windows computers. Color-coded consonants, vowels, numbers, and punctuation marks help those new to typing learn their character sets. Included on the keyboard are two USB 2.0 ports.

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IPEVO Document Camera

Black IPEVO Document Camera

Upgrade your Zoom or Teams webcam configuration with this graphite gray DO-CAM USB Document Camera from IPEVO. Adjust the four-section body and press the single button on the side of the lens to easily switch between filming yourself or filming a document. Its 8MP CMOS sensor can stream at 30 fps when in Full HD…

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InfoGrip BIGtrack Trackball Switch

Multicolor InfoGrip BIGtrack Trackball Switch

The BIGtrack Trackball Switch Adapted has a 3 inch trackball which makes it the largest trackball available. The large ball requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball and it is ruggedly built. It has a left and a right mouse click button located behind the trackball to avoid unwanted mouse clicks. The BIGtrack…

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OrCam Power Bank

Black OrCam Power Bank

This extra power bank allows you to use your OrCam device on the go! Extend your usage by up to 7 times.

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OrCam Read

Black OrCam Read

For people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties including dyslexia, and for anyone who consumes large amounts of text. OrCam Read is a first-of-its-kind handheld device with a smart camera that seamlessly reads text from any printed surface or digital screen. Enjoy the morning paper, read any book, and even read all that…

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